At Frankston Heights Primary we implement a high-quality literacy program to develop reading writing, speaking and listening skills, knowledge, and capabilities.

Literacy underpins all aspects of learning and is promoted through research-based teaching approaches to deliver the best outcomes.

All students are taught how to read with accuracy and fluency and expand their vocabulary through a CAFÉ Reading Approach which engages students in daily sustained reading practices, and independent literacy tasks designed to build comprehension skills.

Your child will be assessed using 1:1 reading tests to identify phonological awareness knowledge, ability to read words, texts and to comprehend and answer questions about stories. Explicit teaching will challenge your child to learn at ‘point of need’ and practice ‘repeated reading’ of quality texts at both school and home, to improve your child.

Your child will quickly progress as our reading program is based on engaging all students in daily assessment and Reading instruction.

Writing skills are explicitly taught everyday to develop handwriting, vocabulary selection, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Your child will learn how to write nealyt and legibly, with explicit instruction on structuring quality texts: narratives, procedures, recounts, retells, expositions and poetry.

Your child’s writing will be assessed with specific learning goals identified, tracked and reviewed when levels are achieved.

Every week students attend a weekly library lesson and borrow a wide range of high quality reading material from fiction, to non-fiction books.

Other Reading initiatives include: Premier’s Reading Challenge, Book Club, Book Fairs and all children receive a brand new book for their birthday to promote a love of reading and to surround children with quality literature they can enjoy.