Physical Education

Every student from Prep to Year 6 participates in both Physical Education classes and sport on a weekly basis.

Physical Education (PE) classes will focus on active participation, basic motor-skill development, teamwork and leadership skills and most importantly, having fun! The students will develop skills in a variety of different sports, including athletics, T-ball, cricket, basketball, soccer, netball, AFL football, rugby and more.

As well as PE classes each student will have the opportunity to complete weekly sport sessions, these will focus on game play and inclusion for all students. For the Senior students this will include inter-school sports during Term 2, played most Friday mornings. Thanks to the Sporting Schools initiative we are also able to offer a number of different after-school sporting programs. These are completely free and will include a variety of different sports throughout the year. 

Alongside both the PE and Sport programs there will also be a full week swimming program for students in prep to Year 4, both the 5-6 and 3-4 camps, bike education for 3-4 students, beach safety for 5-6 students and many more activities throughout the year.