Frankston Heights Primary School provides an Arts Program for all children encompassing Visual and Performing Arts as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum. The Arts program at Frankston Heights Primary School consists of a weekly session for every student where they are given opportunities to express ideas in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

The Visual Arts program incorporates both art making and art appreciation in association with developing a visual arts language. Students learn to explore their creativity and imagination through a skills based visual arts program. This supports the process of art making and students are given clear instructions on the correct use of tools, materials and techniques. Over the course of the year, students are able to experiment with a variety of media including painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles, print-making, collage, construction and visual communication. They learn to develop a visual language around art elements that is appropriate when thinking and talking about art, such as line, shape, colour and texture.

Through the Performing Arts Program at Frankston Heights Primary School, students have the opportunity to communicate their ideas or expand their mind creatively through Drama, Music, Dance and Media. The purpose of the Performing Arts is to give the students a creative outlet and challenge them in new and exciting ways they may not have thought they were capable of. Drama classes enable the children to express themselves through words, gesture and body language and teach them confidence to get up in front of their peers and perform their own and others’ pieces of work. They learn to respect the work of their fellow classmates and give constructive feedback on how they can improve their work and progress to the next level. Basic stagecraft techniques are taught in a safe environment where the student can explore the different drama conventions and principles in order to enhance the message or idea they are trying to convey. Students also learn how beat, rhythm, dynamics and pitch are used in different genres of music. Students experience and create music by learning to play tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, creating music that reflects a theme or emotion and producing sound effects to complement their drama performances. They learn to read melodies and rhythms on a range of instruments and by using their voices. Singing forms an integral part of the programme, with many of the elements coming together to communicate historical and cultural information. Many children are also involved in choirs and dance troupes.

In 2019 all students from Foundation to Year 6 will be involved in the school ‘Production’. This will be performed at the Frankston Arts Centre. Productions provide wonderful experiences for students in prop building, costuming, performing and many other ‘behind the scenes’ roles. It is also a wonderful opportunity for the whole school community to celebrate the many talented students we have at Frankston Heights Primary.