picture6BBQ: Sausages, burgers, vegie burgers etc. & cold drinks

Canteen: Pies, Sausage rolls & pizza slices.

Devonshire Tea Room:  Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with some freshly baked scones topped with jam and whipped cream.picture5

Ice-Creams and Spiders: We will be selling scooped ice-cream in cones and cups. There will be a selection of ice-cream flavours available. Customers will be able to picture7purchase one or two scoop options. Sprinkles and toppings will also be available to add onto the ice-cream. We will also be selling soft drink spiders. There will be a selection of soft drink flavours with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, served up in take-away milkshake cups. A delicious store indeed!

Lolly Cups: Our Lolly Cup stall will host a smorgasbord of chocolate, chewy and mouth-watering treats.  A small number of larger jars and containers filled with delicious sweats will be available to the more courageous parents.

Fairy Floss: For a lighter snack, look out for the Fairy Floss machine.  We can’t wait to see you all there.


Popcorn: golden, buttery, delicious popcorn!