Middle Homestead


Personalised learning is used to engage and support individual students learning across the curriculum. A major focus are Literacy and Numeracy sessions which promote independent learning and thinking skills. Developing ICT skills and understanding is an integral part of our curriculum, with students able to access laptops in each learning session.

Inquiry Learning sessions are designed to broaden students’ knowledge and understandings of Australia through investigations of its geography, early history including indigenous culture. It also provides opportunities to develop research skills and work independently, as well as collaboratively with their classmates.8-3-17 CAFE Reading (1)

Year 3 and 4 students participate in a wide variety of specialist subjects including Italian, Art, Performing Art, Science and Physical Education. Weekly sport sessions allow the students to practice the skills they have learnt during their Physical Education lesson while also allowing them to develop their skills in team sports. Students also participate in school athletics, cross country and swimming days.

Students have the opportunity to attend a 3 day camp, participate in the Middle school choir and dance troupe, Bike Education program and lunchtime activities provided by staff.


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