Junior Learning Centre

In the Junior Learning Centre, years 1 and 2 work as independent classes, though at times share common tasks and learning related to our inquiry topic.

Our students love our literacy sessions, developing their reading and writing skills. We offer a number of ways to learn through individual, partner and group work. Using personalised goals, students are catered for at point of need to become the strongest readers they can be. We teach many writing genres, regularly linking them with our inquiry topics or special school events to boost engagement. Furthermore, we include set lessons from the ‘Sound Waves’ program to teach spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Each class follows the same numeracy lesson structure – a structure designed to get the most out of each day’s session. We begin with number fluency tasks to warm up and practise automatic recall skills. Following this, we explicitly teach and model the current skill, then hand it over to the students through a range of hands on activities and personalised tasks. Finally, students are given an opportunity to reflect on their learning, with their thoughts catalogued in class numeracy journals. We use a mixture of materials and utilise digital technologies including interactive whiteboards, laptops, iPads and coding/robotics equipment to assist with teaching.

Digital Technologies is formally taught, covering both cyber-safety and a skill based sessions throughout the year. We also incorporate technologies in all areas of the curriculum and our teaching.

Each term we have a different inquiry topic. Our topics this year are ‘Waterwise’, ‘Toys, Transport and Technology, and ‘Happy, Healthy Me’ and ‘Down on the Farm’. During this time, students explore and research the topic and a project is usually included as a chance for students to showcase their learning. These topics also fuel a range of exciting incursions and excursions.

The ‘Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships’ program forms our wellbeing sessions, which include circle times, discussions and role plays to help students develop their abilities to look after the general wellbeing of themselves and others. We incorporate our school values of respect, responsibility and resilience to help group sessions with a similar focus each term.