Prep Learning Centre


In their Foundation year, children at Frankston Heights are learning how to be life-long learners including establishing organisational routines, getting along and interacting with others. Their participation in the Ready Set Prep program the previous year helps them have a seamless transition into school. Also having a Year 5/6 buddy to show them around the playground assists them to make new friends. Throughout the year they will also participate in classroom activities together.



Reading: Our CAFÉ reading program instils a passion for reading in our students by allowing them to choose books that they are interested in from our well stocked library as well as ‘just right’ books that are specifically for their level.

CAFÉ stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary.

The children first learn concepts about print to ensure that they understand the front and back of books, directionality of reading, title, author and illustrator as well as features of narrative and informative texts.

They learn to recognise all upper and lower case letters and the most common sounds they represent. They learn to blend sounds together to form words.

Children enjoy using Jolly Phonics and THRASS to explore the common sounds of letters and they are exposed to other sounds that letters represent.

Beanie Boo soft toys are introduced to represent different reading strategies and the children love to use such characters as Eagle Eye, Skippy Frog, Stretchy Snake and Chunky Monkey to become more accurate in their reading. They learn to make connections to text and ask and answer questions. They learn to read at a ‘just right’ rate using appropriate expression and volume. They extend the vocabulary used and incorporate this into their writing.


By providing many hands-on experiences, initially through their play and activities related to their Inquiry topic, the children are immersed in language experience, promoting rich vocabulary and transfer their thoughts to print.

At first they will draw pictures and eventually they will make marks or letters to represent the written word. Then they will discover the relationship between letters and sounds and blend the sounds to write whole words. The children are exposed to fine-motor activities and formal handwriting lessons as well as activities to help them learn about punctuation and spelling.

Speaking and Listening:

Children are exposed to many informal and formal speaking and listening activities. They are encouraged to interact with their peers and adults. They listen to and respond to texts, communicating their ideas. They learn to take turns when speaking and change their voice to suit different situations.


Children participate in daily number fluency activities to improve their number sense in counting and recall of basic number facts.

They launch into a new topic by being introduced to new vocabulary which they are encouraged to use throughout a numeracy session.

They participate in hands-on activities to discover processes about:

Number and Place Value- counting, connecting number names, numerals and quantities, compare and order quantities and money, model addition, subtraction and sharing.

Patterns and Algebra- copy, continue and make shape, colour and number patterns.

Measurement and Geometry- make comparisons using language such as longer, heavier, learn about the duration of time and connect days and months to significant events.

Shape- sort, describe and name common two dimensional and three dimensional shapes.

Location and Transformation- use positional language such as left, right, forwards, backwards to describe position and movement.

Statistics and Probability- ask and answer yes/no questions to collect information and display data.

At the end of a numeracy session the children summarise what they have learnt by sharing their findings with a small group or with the whole class.



Throughout the year ICT is embedded in all programs to consolidate learning by using a different media.

Inquiry topics are based on the Victorian Curriculum and are strongly linked to all other areas.

Below is a list of our topics throughout the year:

All About Me




Dinosaurs Celebrations