Digital Technologies

Learning with Digital Technologies

Guide To Online Safety

At Frankston Heights Primary School, Digital Technologies are used to provide students with the tools to transform and redefine their learning which reflects their future needs.


Technology at Frankston Heights Primary School is…

Integrated into all learning areas
Technology is not taught as a stand-alone specialist subject at Frankston Heights Primary School. It is utilised as a tool in all subject areas, across all Homesteads in the school from Prep to Grades 5/6.

Frankston Heights Primary School is an eSmart school; an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. It is a behaviour-change initiative designed to improve cyber safety and deal with cyberbullying and bullying. Since registering with the program, we have embedded new activities to improve the way our school manages cyber safety, cyber bullying and the appropriate use of technology.

Frankston Heights Primary School has essentially transitioned completely into mobile technology (notebook computers, tablets and iPads), allowing our students to engage in ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning. With collaborative learning via the use Google Classroom, learning is not restricted by the 4 walls of the classroom. Students can collaborate and share their work and ideas in real time.

Both parents and schools with an eye to the future see the best jobs in a forward-thinking nation as creative ones. Introducing young minds to the process of using technology creatively benefits not only the possible cohort who go on to study computer science or some other technological profession, but also those who study design, the creative arts or other fields yet undergo significant change. We firmly believe in the importance of technology, and provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and coding programs across the school, with extra Tech-Clubs at lunch times, for the students to explore robots and programming.

Resource rich
Along with the mobile devices, students and staff at Frankston Heights Primary School have access to interactive whiteboards, a strong network, digital microscopes and cameras as well as basic robotic/coding tools. The school has recently doubled the number of notebooks/tablets available for students, so all students have reliable access across the school.

Focused on the learning, not the technology
We firmly believe that in a truly contemporary curriculum, technology is a tool to redefine tasks so students can focus on their learning, rather than on the technology they are using.