Frankston Heights offers all children a comprehensive curriculum based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). This provides our students with comprehensive learning programs that caters for individual learning needs and provides a stimulating and challenging learning environment.


Homesteads have been setup throughout the school to develop learning communities within the school. This allows teams of teachers to work with teams of students to develop highly engaging and relevant curriculum.


To be successful, young people need a broad range of knowledge, social, personal and thinking skills. Through the use of VELS, Frankston Heights provides the learning in the following areas

–          Health and Physical Education

–          Interpersonal DevelopmentFHPS-7

–          Personal Learning

–          Civics and Citizenship

–          The Arts

–          English

–          The Humanities

–          Mathematics

–          Science

–          Communication

–          Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

–          Thinking Processes