Gardening Program

‘Heights Harvesters’

Sustainability is an important focus at Frankston Heights Primary School. This year we renovated our vegetable garden with help from our school families and local community groups; Bunnings, Frankston Rotary, McClelland College, Westernport Secondary College and Burdetts. Our vegetable garden is now a breath of fresh air. The transformation is amazing.

We have grown a range of herbs like mint, parsley, basil, oregano, rosemary and lemon thyme plus a variety of vegetables including celery, silverbeet, carrots, onions and lettuce. There are marigolds and textured foliage for some colour. Our garden boasts a lime and a lemon tree for citrus fruit.  Our worm farm helps to feed and nourish these plants.

Since renovating the garden the school has a student environmental group who help to weed, plant, water, tend the worms and complete other gardening jobs.  The children love being in the garden and watching their seedlings grow. Everyone is welcome and it is a lovely space to enjoy.

We have also picked our first harvest of fresh mixed herbs.


Before & After Veg Garden Tahli Veg Garden