Fair – Stalls

Lollie Cups: our Lollie Cup stall will host a smaugustboard of chocolate, chewy and mouth-watering treats.  A small number of larger jars and containers filled with delicious sweats will be available to the more courageous parents.


Fairy Floss: for a lighter snack, look out for the Fairy Floss machine.  We can’t wait to see you all there.


Devonshire Tea Room:  enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with some freshly baked scones topped with jam and whipped cream.


Angry Birds Tin Throw: step up, step up! Our 5 ‘Angry Bird’ cans are calling you to knock them down! You will have 3 chances per turn to toss the ball – if you knock down all 5 cans you win a prize.


Hoopla Toss: a range of soft drink bottles will be tempting you to test your skills at our hoop toss stall! 3 hoops a turn. If you get a hoop on a bottle it’s yours!


POPCORN: Follow your nose along our main Food Alley to find the most deliciously-fresh popcorn …just perfect for an on the go snack at the fair to share with family and friends.


SLUSHIES: Our slushie’s aren’t just a drink, it’s a must have when attending the fair. An icy cold slushie is the best thing to cool you down on the hot day. “Yummo”.


Face Painting & Glitter Bar:  everyone’s favourite! Transform yourself into a superhero, animal or another fun character for the day at our fancy face painting stall.


Hair Spray:  gimme a head of hair, long beautiful hair! A range of temporary hair spray colours will be available for you to choose. Go for a bright pink head of hair or add some green streaks to your do, the choice is yours!


BEER & WINE GARDEN:  Wine and Cheese. A place to relax and enjoy a delicious cheese platter with your choice of wine. Please remember 18+ only. ID will be required. Alcohol will be limited per person and of course, served responsibly. Alcohol is only to be consumed within the Beer & Wine garden area.


Toy Raffle: with a range of toys and hampers to be won, including a new bike as the major prize, try your luck in our amazing toy raffle!


$100 Lucky Number: a $100 note will be sealed and secure in an envelope and numbers ranging from 00-99 can be ‘bought’ – $5 each. The winner will be the person who correctly guesses the number matching the last two digits on the $50 note serial number!


Ice-Creams and Spiders: will be selling scooped ice-cream in cones and cups. There will be a selection of ice-cream flavours available. Customers will be able to purchase one or two scoop options. Sprinkles and toppings will also be available to add onto the ice-cream. We will also be selling soft drink spiders. There will be a selection of soft drink flavours with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, served up in take-away milkshake cups. A delicious store indeed!


2nd Hand Book Sale: visit our second hand book stall and grab a bargain! Here you will find a huge range of used books in all categories such as cookbooks, gardening books, history, childrens books, fiction and  non-fiction novels.


SHOWBAGS & LUCKY DIPS:  The stall that needs no introduction.  An absolute must-have at any fair Show Bags & Lucky Dips!


Handball Target & Wet Sponge Throw: this stall will allow participants to win prizes by hand balling a football through a target.  The stall will also serve as a wet sponge throw competition where people can pay to throw wet sponges at various students, using the same target.


Guess The Lollies:  you can’t have a fair without the ‘Guess the Lollies’ challenge!  This stall will have a giant jar of delicious lollies, all you have to do is have a go at guessing how many lollies are in the jar. If your guess is correct or the closest, you get to own this super scrumptious prize!


Lucky Jars: our Lucky Jars stall is sure to be a hot favourite at our fair. We have collected jars full of awesome prizes such as little toys or figurines, new hair ties/clips, Lego, stickers, lollies, small toy cars, swap cards, marbles, novelty erasers, high bounce balls, marbles, pencils, etc.

All you have to do to win is pick a number. Whatever number you pick, you will win the jar with the matching number. It’s that simple!


Cake Stall: big cakes, small cakes, short cakes, tall cakes. Choc cakes, sponge cakes, layered cakes, yum cakes!



We will also be holding an ‘Arts Extravaganza’ showcasing students artwork in our school hall, a 2ND Hand Uniform Stall, Canteen & BBQ for all to grab a bite to eat.